The Good, Bad, and Ugly

Last Thursday Leslie and I celebrated our 4th anniversary. We tried to make a full weekend out of it (last trip before Cadence comes). We didn’t travel anywhere; but got our fill of the Burgh:

The Good

  • Spending some much needed time with my love
  • Seeing Andy Warhol’s museum, especially the big head exhibt
  • Playing like kids at Carneige Science Center
  • the creative gifts leslie always gets me for our anniversary
  • Good food all weekend long

The Bad

  • Leslie, almost 6 months pregnant trying to go through a submarine
  • Saturday night–work night (not fun, trying to get better at time management)
  • Oxidation 1978, by Andy Warhol (google it and you’ll see)
  • Not being able to travel somewhere and stay at hotel/BB (we love any opportunity to watch cable)

The Ugly

  • The stuffed chicken Olive Garden first brought out to us, we sent it back 
  • Bodies The Exhibit: interesting from a science point, creative from an artistic point, mind boggling from a creationist perspective…
    • However: some things just don’t need to be cut open…enough said

Understatement of the weekend: “you mean they use real bodies?” She’s been asking to go the the Bodies Exhibit since we heard about it in New Orleans, each new year, each new city she ask. I thought she new…


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  1. […] Friday; if not, it’s worth your read. Having seen the Bodies Exhibit, catch up on my thoughts here, I interrupted Vegas to watch. I walked away with one […]

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