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Welcoming Myself Back

Posted in General Blogging on September 9, 2009 by themousas

Based on the recent non-activity due to my crazy life, I’ve lost the few visitors I had! So, I’m welcoming myself back to the blogging world.

Not sure of which direction to take future posts, so we’ll be starting with something simple. Here are the books I am currently reading

  • Crazy Love, Francis Chan
  • Branding Faith, Phil Cooke
  • Jesus wants to Save Christians, Rob Bell
  • The Divine Commodity, Skye Jethan

One goal I have is to finish a book a week and post a simple review and favorite quotes from it….be on the look out.


Lots to say…

Posted in Church Planting, General Blogging, Leadership, Lilfe on August 25, 2009 by themousas

I’ve had a lot to say recently, yet as you have seen I haven’t posted anything!

The past few weeks have seen our family enter into owning our first home, remodeling our first home, first days of school (well, Mother’s Day Out). It’s been an exciting time.

Waypoint has had some of the best services over the past few weeks. I really feel God’s hands on where we are headed. Trying to be very attentive to His voice; as well as, having the guts to be obedient even when it’s the hard conversations.

I know greater things are still to come! But the past few weeks have been a huge blessing, sorry I haven’t shared the journey as faithfully as I should.

Challenged by words…

Posted in General Blogging, Leadership, Lilfe, Religion, Thoughts on Christianity on July 22, 2009 by themousas

I collect quotes, and keep a ready supply on a file on my desktop. That was untill my PC crashed and now I have a blank document…

Words mean a lot and can radically change my approach, my emotions, and my courage. Here is what I was challenged by in the last few days via my Twitter Feeds.

  • @RickWarren “Surrendering to God isnt fatalism or laziness. It may mean sacrificing & suffering criticism to change what needs changing”
  • @davidhfoster It’s the hard thing you do that makes you stronger not the easy. Stop pushing paper and tackle the thing you dread.”
  • @andywooda river takes the path of least resistance, that is why it is so crooked!”
  • @chasencI’m stuck in a bathroom” (ok…this one just gave me a good laugh)
  • @davidhfoster “No one can take from you or keep from you what God wants for you, but you!”
  • @RickWarren “It is when we try to be God that we end up most like Satan, who desired the same thing.

Playfully Lazy…

Posted in General Blogging, Leadership, Lilfe on July 16, 2009 by themousas

Last week I was living the life of a bachelor while my girls enjoyed the beach. By the end of the week I realized something that must change for future bachelor experiences. Week to week I try hard to balance and prioritize work and family. I try to debunk the myth that Pastors are slothful and just play each week by approaching my time with tactical fervor. I always fill up each day and often am late because of overdoing/underestimating my time constraints. Most of the time I overdo a day…but I love it!

This past week, when my family wasn’t in the picture my entire routine was messed up creating open spaces for playful laziness. By the end of the week, the few hours each day created a lathargic individual. I didn’t waste time, I just didn’t invest my time in things that matter.

So for the next bachelor experience I will be embarking on some radical journeys, pushing the limits of my studying, developing, and writing; as well as, inviting others to hold me accountable–that was the missing element.

Blog What

Posted in General Blogging on June 22, 2009 by themousas

So I know most of the people that check into this blog of mine, not all I’m sure. So I’m curious as to why? What information would you like me to spend more time blogging on. You can pick more than one answer or create your own.

What Scared You Today?

Posted in General Blogging, Leadership, Lilfe on April 21, 2009 by themousas

I like to think I’m a risk taker. I at least value taking risk; just ask my wife who has had to move 4 times in our 5 year marriage. Here is what Eleanor Roosevelt said about risk taking:

Do one thing every day that scares you.”

So what have you done today that scared you? What action did you take today whose results almost frightened you from doing it? What person did you interact with who yesterday you felt inferior to? What hard discussion did you have today? What did you give away knowing you might not ever see it again? Who did you invite into your life whose baggage makes you uncomfortable?

If you life is free of failures, you’re not taking enough risks. Embrace the things that scare you. Take a risk, your life will be more rewarding…

Go out on the limb– that’s where the fruit is“–Will Rogers

Sunday After-Thoughts

Posted in Church Planting, General Blogging, Lilfe, Religion, Waypoint Church on March 24, 2009 by themousas
  • ummm exhausted would sum up current state
  • great weekend all around, catch the highlights at Leslie’s Blog
  • tough weekend for some of our core
  • 4 weeks in and we’re really seeing Satan attack
  • our core knows how to rally around one-another…Love It!
  • music was off-the-hook this week, really helped emphasize the entire service
  • props to Bruce G for all his help in the cafe
  • props to Mark B for all his help Friday
  • Amy B is the best assistant ever!
  • she knows what to do so I don’t have to do it so I can focus on what God wants to do (if that makes sense)
  • laying seed and fertilizer Saturday, Preaching, hanging out with family, and driving 9 hrs Sunday is not the way to conserve energy.
  • God is doing something crazy at Waypoint and in our community!
  • 3rd week in a row of getting emails and notes of lives being challenged and changed
  • still no hater mail (must not be doing something right)
  • loving the journey
  • being away from family this week is going to be hard
  • hope to finish 2 books and get ahead on sermon prep (but maybe I’ll just re-energize)
  • Easter in 3 weeks! What!!!!
  • just again…Music rocked Sunday…thanks Drew, Chris and gang!
  • too tired to keep summing up, going to crash expect more later this week!