Bodies the Exhibit Update

Not sure how many of you watched the 60 minute investigation this past Friday; if not, it’s worth your read. Having seen the Bodies Exhibit, catch up on my thoughts here, I interrupted Vegas to watch. I walked away with one thought:

The world has been debating sanctity of life for years, mainly focusing on when life begins and pro-life vs pro-choice options. Now we’ve come full circle to where leading anatomist are fighting for sanctity of life, after-life. It begs to question, do their current arguments put an end to previous debates about the beginning of life? And when will somebody step up and begin fighting for sanctity of life, during life. MLK did a great job of that, but who’s going to take up where he left off.

What are your thoughts from the investigation, the Bodies Exhibit, and the future dialogue on Sanctity of Life?


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