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Posted in Fatherhood, Lilfe on March 8, 2011 by themousas

We have a new addition joining our household in August. When I first learned of CB in 2007 I started her a blog. Recently I’ve been feeling very guilty for not starting one for Baby M2. Who knows this may be the start, or just another blog burb


Monday Routines

Posted in Church Planting, Leadership, Lilfe on October 27, 2009 by themousas

I got a question the other day from another Church Planter about how I handle my Mondays. Wayne Cordeiro said that pastors give birth on Sunday and then wake up on Monday pregnant again. So here is my typical Monday routine:

  • Help Leslie get CB off to Mother’s Morning Out
  • Spend some time with Leslie (she doesn’t get a lot of my time on Saturday’s & Sundays)
  • Head to office, usually wearing my comfy clothes
  • Read, Read, Read
  • Read past weeks bloglines
  • Read
  • Read the Word
  • Read at least 200 pages in my current reading
  • Read some tech blogs (helps de-clutter my mind)
  • Read over upcoming weeks sermon notes
  • Read emails (respond to some)
  • Read some reasearch based articles (topics vary from marketing to social justice to kids toys)

I know, exciting! Monday is one of the best days for me to process information. I’ve already digested Sunday and am ready to move. So on Mondays I read and gather as much info as I can and begin processing it. Something that I’ve noticed is that typically throughout the week I will filter and funnel out a lot of what I process on Monday; and by the following Monday have the best of nuggets gathered.

Lessons from ghost & missing animals

Posted in Church Planting, Leadership, Lilfe, Religion, Waypoint Church on October 20, 2009 by themousas

No, this isn’t a post about animal sacrifices; it’s about miss-led expectations. Sunday, we took CB to our local zoo for the annual Boo in the Zoo. CB had to be the cutest bunny in the park. Unfortunately, if it wasn’t for the other kids dressed up as animals, we might have not seen any. Although this was my first time at the event, I figured all of the animals would be out for CB to enjoy as we walked through collecting candy. Instead we saw cutout ghost & pumpkins, some vultures and a few goats. BOOOO Boo in the Zoo.

Couple this with our Sunday experience at Waypoint I sat this morning wondering how well we are doing at letting people know what to expect when the come. Especially first-time guest! But even those who come as regularly as once a month. Are they coming with expectations? Are their expectations met, exceeded, or let down. Are they getting everything we have? Have we provided an over-the-top atmosphere? Were they challenged to Regroup, Refresh, and Realign? Or did anyone walk out and wonder if they had just hung out with some vultures & goats.

So this week I’m beginning the process of evaluating our up-front, pre-sunday appearance. Praying for guidance and wisdom!

Post Game Let Down

Posted in Church Planting, Lilfe, Religion, Waypoint Church with tags , , on October 13, 2009 by themousas

Monday Night Football was awesome! Last night I enjoyed watching the Miami Dolphins turn their final drive against the NY Jets into a victory. Football lives and dies in our household from Thursday to Monday. We watch pre-game, halftime, & even special web coverage for high school through the NFL.

Last night I was saddened, not from anything new; but from the abrupt ending of ESPN’s coverage. It’s the same every week but this week, the ending of the game was awesome and all I got was a 30 second commentary followed by a set-up for Sports Center. I felt like I needed some form of Post Game follow-up. I was left hanging. I tried to watch some Sports Center highlights; but to no avail, I still felt empty.

This week at Waypoint we finished one of the most difficult series we’ve had. We asked a lot of questions, we didn’t find a lot of answers. We uncovered some of the mysteries’ of God and his dealings with humanity and I woke up Monday feeling like we needed more. We needed some form of Post Series follow-up before diving into the next series. We need to process what God is up to, how does his mysteries impact my lifestyle and my future. How can I take the best of this game series and get prepared to move onto the next one.

So come to Waypoint this Sunday for our first ever Post Series Follow-up. Whether you attended one, all, or none of the Why Series; this Sunday is vital to helping us move forward in our faith. Don’t miss it!

I don’t Like ____ Church or Pastor____

Posted in Church Planting, Lilfe, Religion, Thoughts on Christianity on September 16, 2009 by themousas

I have at least one huge soap box, and if you catch me in the right moment you’ll find out what it is. As a follower of Christ, and one who was uniquely designed with a critical/detailed eye, I often found myself analyzing churches, sermons, pastoral leadership, etc. Typically I would walk out of a church service with a litany of things I would do differently; or would engage other believers in “discussions” about how a church is not doing _______. One day I got the God-smack when reading 1 Corinthians. After discussing divisions within the church; Paul argues it is the foolishness of preaching that saves souls.

Since then I’ve been on a crusade: I can’t stand to hear people, especially those claiming to follow Christ bad mouth a Church or a Pastor. Saying “I love Jesus” but hating the church is as irrational as saying to your best friend, “I like you–I just can’t stand being around you.” Ones attitude toward the church tells you–simply–their attitude toward Jesus.

Monday’s Brew

Posted in Church Planting, Leadership, Lilfe, Religion, Waypoint Church on September 14, 2009 by themousas

Monday’s drink = chocolate milk 2 glasses

I am in amazement at what God is doing in the life of Waypoint Church right now! All I can do at this point in our life is to sit and enjoy the beauty of his workmanship!

Here are just a couple of highlights

  • Highest non-Easter attendance to date!
  • We’ve broken the above highlight  3 times over the past 6 weeks!
  • Had 2 more individuals come up and let me know they wanted information on our Baptism service on 10/4
  • Had 20 people show up for our first Music Ministry Meeting!
  • For a church of our age and size: I said it, and truly belive it, we have the best worship leaders and musicians in town!
  • Kicked off Why? series looking at questions that stump our faith journey
  • Got to connect with lots of new people
  • Several key volunteers are stepping up huge right now! Love IT!

I am more excited today, more than ever about what God is doing in our faith community; and what He will continue to do!

Lots to say…

Posted in Church Planting, General Blogging, Leadership, Lilfe on August 25, 2009 by themousas

I’ve had a lot to say recently, yet as you have seen I haven’t posted anything!

The past few weeks have seen our family enter into owning our first home, remodeling our first home, first days of school (well, Mother’s Day Out). It’s been an exciting time.

Waypoint has had some of the best services over the past few weeks. I really feel God’s hands on where we are headed. Trying to be very attentive to His voice; as well as, having the guts to be obedient even when it’s the hard conversations.

I know greater things are still to come! But the past few weeks have been a huge blessing, sorry I haven’t shared the journey as faithfully as I should.