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Just some thoughts

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  • This post is awesome! I love that is able to track this. If you haven’t checked out do it now! If you can, download it for your mobile device.
  • I’m so pumped that NewSpring has launched in Greenville, SC. I spent the majority of my life in Greenville. There are some really good churches; and there are a lot of people not going to to any of them. NewSpring’s kingdom mindset is contagious and their peeps go all out to make people feel welcomed. Glad to read this from Perry.
  • Glad to see this man blogging again….and reading blogs again!
  • Saw a sign for this store coming soon to Ross Park Mall. Right now all it says is “true religion coming soon” I think that is the hope of a lot of people, especially here in the burgh searching for something else. At Iron City we say, “More Jesus, Less Crap” and Jesus said this.
  • Had a date night with this girl tonight….she rocks my world!

Monday Reflection on Sunday

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Didn’t get time to post this yesterday, too much time with the groups and celebrating my first Father’s Day. Here’s my thoughts on Sunday @ ICC

  • Still loving One Prayer…Perry’s message was simple, but extremely challenging
  • First attempt at video messages went off without a problem
  • no one openly complained about watching a pastor on the screen instead of on the stage
  • 2 mission groups with Power Plant in town to help us out: Brookwood from OK, Pleasant Grove from NC
  • They were a huge help Sunday: mainly by streatching our regulars into new roles as facilitating their task.
  • Man Day 2.0 was awesome, We have some great cooks at ICC amongst the men. Ian made some killer ribs, and Michael’s Italian sausage and pasta begged for multiple helpings.
  • Bob is doing a great job with song selection and organizing the band during the summer
  • With all the help, our systems were pushed and I think they responded nicely…a very controlled chaos
  • Taught again in ICK; I get pumped each week by hearing those kids talk to God.
  • Some of their prayers for their lost family members broke me
  • Tommy broke a very expensive plastic pitcher…give him a hard time about it!!!!
  • We could really use a rear projection screen and riging, it’d help a lot with appearance and stage space.
  • Speaking of space, our trailer is about maxed out, good thing we have an FedEx guy helping us each week.
  • Summer small groups start this week!

It’s Begining

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One Prayer


One Prayer starts this Sunday, but you can already begin the journey by joining with others around the world in praying for this event. Join the conversation by going to

I’m so excited that Iron City Church is one of the 1,300+ churches participating in this unifying campaign. The coolest part to me is join with everyone in prayer, fasting, spiritual pursuit, and international church planting. If you live in the Pittsburgh area, come be a part of this groundbreaking movement at Iron City Church! Stay tuned to as I’ll be updating you on what I see God doing in my life and around ICC over the next four weeks.

Sunday @ ICC

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  • Set-up went really smooth; it always helps when TD stays away till needed
  • New vocalist helping out while B does his camp counseling
  • taught in ICK, probably will be doing this a lot this summer
  • right before teaching the DVD player went out, not cool! Lucky we’re a little oldschool and we actually had a vcr/tv combo and a tape laying around that worked beautifully into the lesson that was planned
  • Took the kids on a hike…awesome hearing them talk to God
  • Summer Slump hit us about 3 weeks ago
  • Stoked about One Prayer starting next week!
  • Saw some peeps that I haven’t seen in a while, great to catch up with them
  • Lots of praise reports
  • But also a lot of spiritual battles being fought
  • Lunch with summer small group leaders…love’n some mexican food
  • Somealot of the people attending really get the vision and make sacrifices each week to see it happen
  • Leslie & Cadence come home tomorrow…can’t wait it’s been to long
  • the other kids (daisy and roscoe) and I took a long walk through the woods this afternoon
  • Have been watching a lot of MMA this past week. Great fight between Pulver and Faber tonight
  • Forest Griffin–“the juice is worth the squeeze” reminds me of this; also a great thought for those of us battling the spiritual warfare thats running through the ICC peeps and leadership.
  • Can’t belive…actually yes I can believe what Gary told his guys today
  • Busy week ahead!

Baptism Pictures

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Sunday @ ICC

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  • let’s start with God answers prayers! BIG TIME!
  • threw a curve ball to the production team this morning, they eventually hit it but I caused the band to miss most of their warm-up….sorry guys and a lot of frustration to our team…sorry for that as well
  • curve ball was a new mixer and amp, but not all the right cables. it really cleaned up the sound and made it much clearer, but still not the best Sunday to do it, lesson learned.
  • portable baptisms are awesome, especially when the heating element breaks down.
  • our guys loaded about 6 industrial sized trash cans of hot water, still no help….glad Tommy was the one in the water
  • saw 4 people baptized and another week of people deciding to begin a relationship with Christ. WOW!!!
  • the spiritual warfare i mentioned here has trickled down to our support staff. some of our peeps are really fighting through some crap right now, pray for them!
  • finished the Release series and today’s service by signing I am Free by the Newsboys, great song to close things out.
  • realized last night around midnight, what I thought was canopies to use to keep the rain off was actually pack-n-plays for a children’s area…..I freaked out!
  • Prayed a lot last night for it not to rain during the service
  • Rain stopped about time people began coming in! God likes to test me a little.
  • Have an awesome wife whose taking me out tonight!
  • Did I mention that this time next week I’ll be holding my little girl!
  • Tommy actually only preached for 15 or so minuetes. Everyone was in shock, and not because of the ice cold baptism water.
  • Have a busy week ahead, a lot to do before becoming a dad, but looking foward to it all.

Sunday @ ICC

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  • Little water accident this morning, and next week is the baptism service, weird…
  • Michael took care of sound set-up by himself and it worked perfectly
  • We really need some new stage monitors, and lighter speakers
  • Had some extra help setting up and tearing down everything, 2nd week in a row…really makes a huge difference
  • New people, New people, New people…loving it
  • Another decision to begin a relationship with Christ….3 weeks in a row people are stepping into the faith family.
  • baptism service next week, i’m pumped
  • didn’t get a sunday nap, so i’m wiped out
  • had an awesome dinner with some new friends from ICC, Jason and Laura. Ummm great cooking and fun time hanging out
  • Cadence is coming in 4 weeks….and my wife is still rocking it out serving in the kids area.
  • MJ stepped up and did Cafe…she did a great job, I’m a cheese cube freak!
  • Yes i did wear a t-shirt while everyone else was in coats, I thought it would be warmer.
  • speaking of warmer, i can’t wait to wear my chacos each week.
  • Batman was killed deflated…great illustration…the sermon was full of great illustrations and applications check it out here.