About Me

Age: 29

Home: Greer, SC

Current Journey: Follower of God, Husband & Father, holding on to this awesome ride, Church Planter/Lead Pastor Waypoint Church

Past Journeys: Executive Pastor of Iron City Church , great church plant in Pittsburgh, PA. Associate Pastor Poplar Springs, Hiram GA. Have worked in Financial Aid for various companies and schools over the past 10 years. Student at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, North Greenville College, University of South Carolina Spartanburg, Greer High School.

Favorite Journeys: Marriage to my wife Leslie. Fathering a daughter. Travels to Cambodia and Thailand (rode an elephant) with The Laborer’s Inistitute. Colorado: climbing at Garden of the Gods, hiking a glacier, whitewater rafting. Crazy road trips!


2 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Bob The Builder Says:

    Gonna be a DAD,wow that’s awesome.Itried to email you a while back but i’m not very good at this comp stuff.Glad to hear everyone’s good.All is well here GOD is Great!Call me sometime.Love & Prayers r w/ya’ll

  2. Bennie Meadows Says:

    In case you missed my post on facebook, please get in touch with Betsy Weaver at ktbjweaver@att.net.

    Thanks, Bennie Meadows ( Hope things are going well for you and family.)

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