The Fight Before Christmas

It happened, I know it happened elsewhere, and probably it happened with your pastor as well. Its one of the times of the year that Satan tries to disrupt our flow, discourage us, distract us. I began praying for our Christmas series several months ago, knowing a spiritual warfare was looming. My past few years working with church plants and hanging out with pastors at least taught me this much. However, you never know when and where the fight will take place. All you can do is endure it.

Christmas is a prime time for those far from God, disconnected from churches, or those wanting a little more faith injected into their lives to experience a worship service. Satan knows this and boy does he not like it. So this year is no different. I fought him, he lost. I hope you withstand the fight! I know why I am here and what my role within God’s kingdom is. Christ is victorious! We celebrate His birth, the coming of my savior!


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