Monday Routines

I got a question the other day from another Church Planter about how I handle my Mondays. Wayne Cordeiro said that pastors give birth on Sunday and then wake up on Monday pregnant again. So here is my typical Monday routine:

  • Help Leslie get CB off to Mother’s Morning Out
  • Spend some time with Leslie (she doesn’t get a lot of my time on Saturday’s & Sundays)
  • Head to office, usually wearing my comfy clothes
  • Read, Read, Read
  • Read past weeks bloglines
  • Read
  • Read the Word
  • Read at least 200 pages in my current reading
  • Read some tech blogs (helps de-clutter my mind)
  • Read over upcoming weeks sermon notes
  • Read emails (respond to some)
  • Read some reasearch based articles (topics vary from marketing to social justice to kids toys)

I know, exciting! Monday is one of the best days for me to process information. I’ve already digested Sunday and am ready to move. So on Mondays I read and gather as much info as I can and begin processing it. Something that I’ve noticed is that typically throughout the week I will filter and funnel out a lot of what I process on Monday; and by the following Monday have the best of nuggets gathered.


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