Sheperding more

It’s hard enough to develop and grow your own spiritual life. Following disciplines, finding mentors, allowing yourself to be cut and molded, being patient, confessing!

It only got harder when I got married….all of the above now x’s 2. Leading your spouse to become the person God intended her to be all the while chasing recklessly after Him yourself: constantly wondering why I signed up for this?

Along comes a daughter; my task, propel her! Give her everything I have and opportunities I didn’t to make a kingdom impact

I knew I was called to work within the church in 2000, 9 years later I found myself as a pastor leading, shepherding the lives of others. I’m trying to bask in the goodness that God has given, celebrating the victories. Yet I’m full of fear as he continues to put more sheep into my pasture.

His Mission: Imago Dei–my task–letting it happen!


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