Post Attractional Church Planting

With a brief understanding of the attractional church already covered here; let’s dive into post attractional church planting.

Matthew 22 and Luke 14 illustrate an attractional event with an interesting storyline. Not everyone wanted to come to the dinner. The inadequacy of the attractional church plant is that the banquet hall is far from full; mainly because we are extracting people from things they are already doing. Eventually the church plant will reach a limit on who they are able to attract.

  • What happens when the good-will concept of church vanishes and becomes less functional?
  • What happens when the baby boomer’s predilection to be attracted (church shop) is replace by future generations post-modern philosophies?
  • What happens when individualism is more important than collectivism?
  • What happens when we have over-saturated areas with attractional churches to the point that people are numb to our welcoming facades?
  • What happens when we need more than just savoy marketing, quality bands, and methodological volunteer training?

Some find the answers in the second component of the Matthew 22 and Luke 14 story….a switch…a “go-to”, or a missional church.

Still begs to ask though…what’s next?


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