China Blocks Social Media

Here’s the story from CBC news concerning China’s attempt to silence the 20th anniversary of Tienanmen. An interesting move that illustrates the power of social media to connect people with a common cause.  Here’s my quick thoughts:

  • Radical move! Someone knows when to pull the decision trigger.
  • Radical Change:  One year ago they opened their doors to the world in hosting the Olympics;
  • Today they have chosen to isolate themselves.
  • 140 characters or less via Twitter has reached a powerful moment
  • amazed at both social media tech as well as the tech to block it
  • Words are powerful no matter the medium
  • Freedom of speech is a luxury for me
  • Globalization is awesome
  • interesting that this story is spreading so fast via the very methods they’re trying to stop
  • How will social justice and social media mix in the future?
  • Is another Tienanmen about to occur?

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