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Outreach is bad for the Church

Posted in Lilfe, Religion on June 30, 2009 by themousas

Here’s a thought I’ve been wrestling with for some time and would like your input. As followers of Christ we are challenged to go into the world, do not neglect the widowed or poor, love our neighbors as ourselves, etc. Most churches refer to mission/social work as Outreach. And here’s our problem.

By nature of the word, Outreach allows for us to stand at arms length away and serve. We never truly embrace the need, concern, or passion of the individual we serve. We reach out but we don’t bring in. It’s hard enough to allow our friends into our lives, to see us for who we are and to carry each others burdens. Thus we prefer Outreach. It makes us feel good about ourselves without having to truly embrace the individual, or allow the individual to embrace us!

What’s your thoughts?


What’s in a Word

Posted in Lilfe, Religion, Thoughts on Christianity on June 29, 2009 by themousas

How do we determine meaning?

Can we find meaning in a single word?

Is the one who spoke the word or the hearer of that word responsible for it’s meaning?

Do more words create more meaning?

Is there a single meaning or do we allow plurality of meanings?

How do we respond to words?

Are our responses in line with the meaning or meanings?

How does meaning of a word change over time?

I have more questions than answers as I delve into my written words. From letters, emails, blogs, articles, to 140 character tweets. Where are finding meaning, whose deciding if its right?

Weekend After-thoughts

Posted in Church Planting, Lilfe, Religion, Waypoint Church on June 28, 2009 by themousas

Sitting here in a Starbucks, watching USA vs. Brazil via my computer and processing this weekend before I forget. Here’s some highlights

  • Thursday night grass cutting, nothing like manual labor to prepare yourself for the weekend!
  • Family Friday Rocked! Contract on house signed & accepted, followed by fun in the sun at Shipwreck Cove
  • Hung out with Tuesdays Child Friday night, they led our worship today!
  • Spent the entire day Saturday with Cadence so Leslie could do whatever. We hung out watching Wimbledon, playing, eating and then joined Leslie for some Monkey Joe action and Jason’s Deli
  • Watched Will Ferrell join Bear Grylls on Man vs. Wild…don’t eat the Twinkie
  • Awesome worship time this morning. My thoughts and heart kept going back to how big God is! Yet he cares for my life, moment by moment!
  • Being challenged a lot on obedience to the entirety of Scripture.
  • Love having some of our core who just get it! “It’s not about me!
  • Shout outs to Mark B, Ricky B, and the Buckmasters for all the work they’ve put in helping friends this past week…that’s the church in action
  • Bruce G and Larry S pour more time in volunteering than I could count!
  • Loved sharing the stage with Jacob
  • We use to sit in Waffle House each week and discuss one day planting a church, who’da thought today would actually happen!
  • Haven’t been sleeping good; actually haven’t been sleeping! This needs to change
  • Sad Tap Out series is over, loved watching people be challenged to push through the circumstances
  • But excited to be doing TXT next couple of weeks….I love teaching moments!
  • Reading a lot on Small Groups, Discipleship, and Social Justice
  • Realizing I’m a book addict!
  • Need someone who knows WordPress to help spruce up our church website, if interested comment and let me know!
  • Watched Valkyrie; going to watch Curious Case of Benjamin Button tonight
  • Will be helping 2 families move and move myself over the next 4 weeks (I’m going to be wiped out)
  • Looking forward to a productive week!

Blog What

Posted in General Blogging on June 22, 2009 by themousas

So I know most of the people that check into this blog of mine, not all I’m sure. So I’m curious as to why? What information would you like me to spend more time blogging on. You can pick more than one answer or create your own.

Not Toasting my Soul

Posted in Church Planting, Leadership, Lilfe, Religion, Thoughts on Christianity on June 10, 2009 by themousas

Yesterday I spoke of Keeping my Soul. Today I was able to read a great post today from Geoff Surratt, pastor of Seacost Church.  While the back-story differs from my aim,  Geoff provides some practical help in guarding your soul.

  1. If you think you aren’t vulnerable, you are already toast
  2. If you think you can burn the candle at both ends, you are already toast
  3. If you think you can do ministry without accountability, you are already toast
  4. If you think you don’t need safeguards, you are already toast
  5. If you think it’s about you, you are already toast

As well as some thoughts on what to do to keep from burning:

  1. Slow Down
  2. Open Up
  3. Count the Cost

Best line: You don’t wake up one day and decide to shipwreck your life. You do it one stupid decision at a time

Keeping my Soul

Posted in Church Planting, Leadership, Religion, Waypoint Church on June 9, 2009 by themousas

9″How can a young man keep his way pure?
       By living according to your word.

 10 I seek you with all my heart;
       do not let me stray from your commands. (Psalm 119:9-10)

This is where I’m working at right now! I love the people at Waypoint and the partnerships we have with Marathon. I’m growing in love with the Scuffletown Community and the potential to see God do an amazing work. However, my immediate attention–everyday–is keeping my soul connected to God’s word and obeying His teachings. I believe that ministry impact/blessings can only be sustained based on my character and relationship with God. In order to see God work in and through our community I have to keep my soul pure and connected to Him!

China Blocks Social Media

Posted in Leadership, Lilfe with tags , , , on June 2, 2009 by themousas

Here’s the story from CBC news concerning China’s attempt to silence the 20th anniversary of Tienanmen. An interesting move that illustrates the power of social media to connect people with a common cause.  Here’s my quick thoughts:

  • Radical move! Someone knows when to pull the decision trigger.
  • Radical Change:  One year ago they opened their doors to the world in hosting the Olympics;
  • Today they have chosen to isolate themselves.
  • 140 characters or less via Twitter has reached a powerful moment
  • amazed at both social media tech as well as the tech to block it
  • Words are powerful no matter the medium
  • Freedom of speech is a luxury for me
  • Globalization is awesome
  • interesting that this story is spreading so fast via the very methods they’re trying to stop
  • How will social justice and social media mix in the future?
  • Is another Tienanmen about to occur?