How’s Your Sight?

Having touched on the ear the other day, I thought I would add today’s thoughts about our sight!

Cadence has a unique feature in her left eye–a single brown streak that goes from her cornea to the bottom of the eye. It makes for a distinguishable feature in her precious blue eyes. Early on we took her to the doctor and questioned about whether it would effect her vision. The doctor was very optimistic about it and said it was not an abnormality, but an inherited trait.

You see Cadence has her father’s eyes–I have a single blue triangle in my right eye that goes into the black portion of the cornea. My prayer is that she sees not just through my lenses, but her heavenly father’s. I want more than anything for my eyes and my daughter’s to see the world as God sees it–a rebellious people in need of rescue and redemption!

Whose eyes do you have?


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