Bible Resources

Here are some great resources to help aid your daily walking/studying–use the comment function and tell me what others are out there you might be using!

YouVersion: an on-line community collaboration on passages (can be accessed with your mobile device as well) great resources from a variety of approaches including commentaries and historical works interfaced with scripture. I primary use for short easy answers also love it’s searchable function easier to use than the above for scripture searching/reading. The site also offers a wealth of other Bible study resources such as an audio Bible, commentaries, e-books, dictionaries and study tools. easliy search the meaning of words from your favorite passages (a little greek goes a long way, clickable interface–just click on words till you find the one your looking for)

Hebrew Bible Online: Not as helpful as because you have to actually know some Hebrew for this to work, but a great site and helpful for us academic types.

International Bible Society: Absolutly the best place to purchase bibles online. Every time I buy bulk orders I get them from here!

Wikipedia: not authoratative but a great collaboration–very useful for insights into biographies and historical locations

Bloglines: I know it’s not a direct Bible resource, but I learn a lot from others. With this you sign up for a single webpane for all the blogs you read via RSS feeds, streamlines you time so you don’t have to go to individual sites


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