How’s your Ear?

In order to understand this post, you need to go here and read the original!

@3amjosh is open and honest about the struggle he seeshears. We have as a society saturated ourselves with static, poor tone, and distortion. Regardless of the quality of the transmission, most of us are missing the voice of God. Most of us are even out of tune with God’s Word, his primary voice. We are not noticing the problems in our society, churches, workplaces, schools, etc. More importantly we are noticing the problems within our own lives. We are bombarded by problems in everyday situations, yet we have chosen to tune them out: when God is screaming at us through them. Our lives have¬†embraced the hum, the static, and in doing so it has become the norm.

Being in tune with God and hearing from him is not a new problem. This has been an ongoing problem for believers…so much so that Jesus himself address 7 churches with: he who has an ear, let him hear. It is time for us to tune our ears back on God’s voice and begin hearing the problems around us. More than that, fixing them!

Are you listening? Can you hear the static? Can you hear the problems in your neighbors lives, in your life? Are you hearing God?


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