Weekend After-Thoughts

  • Overall weekend was a blur
  • Poor time mangement during week resulted in eliminating some things I wish I didn’t have to do
  • Last week I was not home before 11 three times, not home at all 1 night=not good!
  • Friday, Saturday, & Sunday Morning spent helping one of my best friends get hitched
  • Check out their rock wedding at www.tietheknotlive.com (click on clips)
  • Shot under a 100 at Lakeview golf course Saturday (manged to play course with only 3 balls) not to bad for me!
  • Wore skinny jeans and vans for the first time ever–lots of compliments may have to bust them out again sometime.
  • Ran into an awesome and creative group of men pulling off their wedding using the most recent creative elements available
  • Heard a group of teenagers (mostly freshmen & sophomores) absolutely kill their jazz set-best group of young musicians I’ve ever heard!
  • Couldn’t have been prouder for Jacob & Elicia they are perfect for each other!
  • My favorite Sunday service yet at Waypoint
  • I didn’t even need to say anything–
  • The songs and videos brought a movement to the service I was anticipating but totally blew away my expectations.
  • Our panel brought it to a whole-nother level!!!
  • They were open and honest about mother/daughter-hood struggles and how honor has played a part in their life.
  • It was a tremendous honor to have them share!
  • I had the chance to engage several people afterwards who shared sever similar struggles and are seeking God’s restoration and learning to honor from His perspective!
  • My wife rocked as an MC–she’s more than just a great mother!
  • What a year has brought to our family is crazy! She’s teaching our daughter some great lessons and providing a framework for our household that is essential to how we want to raise her.
  • Got to spend some awesome time with my mom–some of the best moments so far this year!
  • Trying to figure summer out at Waypoint and what things we can improve on
  • Praying for growth when most expect decline–trusting God to continue to bless and change lives
  • Had an awesome conversation about engaging our community this weekend
  • Desperately seeking moments of worship in my life right now
  • Needing to find a house or apartment or RV or something soon for our family–big prayers are being asked
  • Still hoping someone buys me a pair of Toms and get blessed by giving two pairs away!

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