Lessons from the field Part 5

Here’s what I’ve learned so far in Waypoint’s 8 short weeks

  1. Don’t live week to week
  2. Do make changes week to week
  3. Have realistic expecations
  4. Leadership is more than vision casting

5. Make sure you’re not the only one learning –Over the past 2 weeks I’ve had several conversations with staff, core group members, and some regular attenders about these lessons. They weren’t intentionally dialogs about the lessons, actually the above list emerged from these conversations. You see, those who are buying in to Waypoint also need to see things from 1 year out, they need to assist in making weekly changes, they need to have realistic expectations about our future, and they need to help lead others (not just sell the vision). If not, they’ll get frustrated, loose focus, and burnout! I am having to create a culture that understands these lessons. I’m having to be intentional about interjecting these lessons into the lives of those I’m around. These can’t be pep talks (see #4), instead it has to be lived out by my actions, responses, and my words. It’s hard–leadership is hard–Church Planting is hard; but I wouldn’t change where we’ve come from these past 8 weeks, or where were headed! I love this journey, and the people God is bringing alongside it with me!


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