Lessons from the field Part 4

Just a few lessons from the short church planting life of Waypoint. If you haven’t read parts 1-3 catch up below this post:


4. Leading is more than vision casting–Optimistic vision can be white hot and very attractive! Prior to our launch we were ready to take on any task. Many from the core had experienced church planting before (10-15 years before, but it was a start) The times, they are a changing….I tried to prepare them as best I could for the new directions, the newness of church life, the upcoming spiritual warfare. I tried to explain they weren’t just getting a shiny new bikechurch to ride–that what might have worked previously may not work in our community. People will get jacked up because of vision! And hopefully the vision hasn’t incinerated anyone, yet! However, over the past few weeks I’m seeing where leadership and vision differ. I am having to take action-oriented skillful steps that vision oftentimes blurs over. The question I have to keep asking is not are they motivated, but can I lead them to where I’ve motivated them? You may be able to paint the picture, but can you lead people to effectively execute the strokes for you? So I’m asking more and more: How can I help our people move from waypoint to waypoint in their own lives. How can I lead people to take risks, not because I’ve stirred their emotions, but because I’ve resourced, encouraged, and provided a safety nets.


Check in tomorrow as we wrap up Lessons from the field!


One Response to “Lessons from the field Part 4”

  1. Great post. Perhaps some of the questions you asked at the end could be answered by replacing the word “lead” with the word “love”. If people know they are loved they will follow gladly the one who loves them…whether they know or even like the direction. Just a thought, but I’m pretty sure that’s how Jesus did it.

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