Lessons from the field Part 2

Waypoint has just completed our 8th week and I thought I’d share a little on the lessons I’m learning:


2. Do make changes week to week!–I know sounds redundant, but there is always a few little changes from Sunday to Sunday that can go a long way. Here’s one example–one service of ours was a complete mess in flow. Musicians didn’t know what to play when, singers started a different song, offering was taken up in the middle of an invitation…you see our mess! Easy solution, we changed a small system and implemented cue sheets for everyone who does anything. They were set in stone on Thursdays and ran through! Or how about this, we realized we were spending $70/week on printing cost, change=found a cheaper place=saving $50/week. For the first few weeks I dreaded the time between Thursday and Sunday morning. My fears and frustrations rose as I would think through the service, volunteers, expected and unexpected guest, first impressions, etc. Building off of lesson #1 coupled with this principle has helped ease some of these fears. Each week, because we make some small (unseen) changes we are providing avenues for where we are headed. There are those weeks were big changes need to be made, but I’ve held back and planned for them. Instead, we take a short amount of time each week to evaluate what can be changed this week, and how–most importantly we do it!


Check back tomorrow!


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