Weekend After-Thoughts

I’m going to preface this weekend’s thoughts with some Link Love. Here’s a snippet from Mark Batterson

“Let me share a kingdom equation: God Idea + Sweat Equity = Movement. Every Spirit-led movement has a genealogy that traces back to a single-celled God-idea. But nothing will happen unless you invest tremendous amounts of sweat equity. In fact, I think it was a Thomas Edison who said that success was 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration. Here’s the encouraging thing. If you know an idea is from God, you’re willing to work so much harder for it. ”

  • Waypoint’s core group is freaking awesome!!
  • They poured their hearts and lives into a movement that began for them almost 3 years ago
  • Many have endured difficult days, hurtful decisions, and departing friends
  • Yet they remained committed to God!
  • I love having the privlege of coming alongside them and watching God at work in their lives
  • I love watching them welcome in new guest and form friendships
  • I love watching them provide an atmosphere where people can Regroup, Refresh, and Realign
  • Today I talked about Hell: since it exists, we exist so people won’t have to go there!
  • I KNOW this is the heartbeat of Waypoint, because it’s the heartbeat of the core, the heartbeat of God!
  • The week can be describe as tough-good: tough conversations, decisions etc.
  • Good results, good people, good feelings about the future!
  • Friday was difficult as CB had too high of a fever to do much on Family Friday (plus she lost her only Great-Great Grandmother this week, funeral was Friday)
  • Friday night–road the bike, it’s a much needed start to an excerise plan
  • Saturday-celebrated CB’s birthday–saw lots of family
  • Sunday–CB’s fever came back–spent all afternoon with Daddy (we both needed this)
  • Missed having Amy B with me on Sunday, she makes things happen and for that–she gets the best Assistant Ever Award!
  • Mark B and his gang keeps surprising me with some crazy servant hearts as they keep up the property
  • Welcomed a lot of people to Waypoint today: easily outnumbered our core with regular attenders and returning guest.
  • Grilled out some chicken tonight for the family
  • Watching 8 Below to finish out the night!

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