Lessons from the field Part 1

Waypoint has just completed our 8th week and I thought I’d share a little on the lessons I’m learning:

  1. Don’t live week to week!–this will kill you and any momentum. As church planters we are horrible at this because we want the numbers, we want to see progress, we want to see impact, we want something new and current every week! While helping start Iron City Church, Tommy and I were met one night with a question from a much experienced pastor. What defines our success–is it a pat on the back, new guest, great communication, better music/band, new lights or media, returning guest? While goals can be met, the measure of success can’t be found week to week. We’re not a failure if this week isn’t as good as last week. I’ve heard this, but practicing is much harder. I can not live week to week it’s too frustrating. Though I am often tempted, I’ve had to get over this really quickly. Waypoint launched, and the next week was Daylight Savings–talk about a dip! Thankfully, I have some challengers in my life that have helped me live in the “where do I see things in 1 year” frame of mind. They are constantly asking me: What type of services do I want to have in 1 year, what do I want our community to know about us, how many active life changing process do you want taking place, what leaders, what ministries? Visioning is long term; as you’ll see leading towards a vision is a critical thread that runs through each of the lessons I’ve learned. Check back tomorrow!

One Response to “Lessons from the field Part 1”

  1. […] it, yet this seems to be one of the biggest challenges I face. I think it has something to do with #1. Waypoint has fared better than the average church plant according to this study, and we are in a […]

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