Weekend After-Thoughts

This post is dedicated to the leadership lessons learned this weekend and where I learned them

  • Sometimes you need a friend to pick the fleas out of your hair (Riverbanks Zoo, Family Friday)
  • To get the best experience you have to rise above the established bars (RZ)
  • Just because you don’t catch anything, doesn’t make it a wasted day (Lake Bowmen, fishing)
  • Observe the signs, especially when there are penalties for not obeying (LB)
  • Communication can never be under-communicated (Waypoint Church)
  • If you don’t ask, you don’t get desert (Cracker Barrel, Family Friday)
  • Don’t surround yourself with venomous things or people, it’s not comfortable (RZ)
  • Somethings God directs you to do is not for a crowd but for a few (WPC)
  • Size of hook determines size of catch (LB)
  • Tough decisions are part of life (WPC)
  • If you can’t take the stench stay away! (RZ, LB)
  • If you can’t execute, don’t lead (WPC)
  • Do surround yourself with people who care about you! (FF, LB)

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