Easter & A Love/Hate Relationship

It’s late on Monday, so I’ve have plenty of time to reflect on this past weekend. Here’s where I am: I have a love/hate relationship with Easter…

  • Love that God loves me!
  • Love what Christ did for me
  • Love what He wants to do for others
  • Love that I get to serve a Church that is all about what He did
  • Love that some others who serve along me get it!
  • Love that people give churches a chance on this weekend
  • Love seeing lives changed!
  • Love reading about other churches seeing lives changed!
  • Love seeing kingdom expand exponentially on 1 single day!
  • Hate how unproductive I was the week prior to Easter
  • Hate how exhausted I am afterwards
  • Hate that I give Satan opportunities to distract me from the Easter Message
  • Hate that I’m not telling more people about Jesus’ love
  • Hate that for years I “played” church, even on Easter
  • Hate that lives might have been missed because of playing church
  • Hate that it is so hard for me to treat everyday like Easter!
  • Hate that churches don’t treat every Sunday like Easter
  • Hate that some Christians like the “nice” story of Easter and want church to be “nice”
  • Hate that we let Satan win….a lot; when it’s obvious the victor is on our side.

Can’t forget to give some love and shout-outs to my Waypoint peeps who walked the week with me; especially those who gave up late nights for run-thrus, early mornings for cleaning and making things happen, and more late nights for setting up! More importantly for their prayers–Thank You!


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