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Lessons from the field Part 4

Posted in Church Planting, Leadership, Religion, Waypoint Church on April 30, 2009 by themousas

Just a few lessons from the short church planting life of Waypoint. If you haven’t read parts 1-3 catch up below this post:


4. Leading is more than vision casting–Optimistic vision can be white hot and very attractive! Prior to our launch we were ready to take on any task. Many from the core had experienced church planting before (10-15 years before, but it was a start) The times, they are a changing….I tried to prepare them as best I could for the new directions, the newness of church life, the upcoming spiritual warfare. I tried to explain they weren’t just getting a shiny new bikechurch to ride–that what might have worked previously may not work in our community. People will get jacked up because of vision! And hopefully the vision hasn’t incinerated anyone, yet! However, over the past few weeks I’m seeing where leadership and vision differ. I am having to take action-oriented skillful steps that vision oftentimes blurs over. The question I have to keep asking is not are they motivated, but can I lead them to where I’ve motivated them? You may be able to paint the picture, but can you lead people to effectively execute the strokes for you? So I’m asking more and more: How can I help our people move from waypoint to waypoint in their own lives. How can I lead people to take risks, not because I’ve stirred their emotions, but because I’ve resourced, encouraged, and provided a safety nets.


Check in tomorrow as we wrap up Lessons from the field!


Lessons from the field Part 3

Posted in Church Planting, Leadership, Lilfe, Religion, Waypoint Church on April 29, 2009 by themousas

Waypoint has just completed our 8th week and I thought I’d share a little on the lessons I’m learning:


3. Have realistic expectations–I read this report from Ed Stetzer as soon as it came out and have had almost 2 full years to think through it, yet this seems to be one of the biggest challenges I face. I think it has something to do with #1. Waypoint has fared better than the average church plant according to this study, and we are in a saturated housing area with an unusual minimal church presence (weird for the south). So I struggle to maintain realistic expectations. I struggle to remember that we are only 8 weeks old. I’m not sure how to overcome this yet! But what I’ve learned through this is the importance of mentoring and coaching. I have several other church planters in my life who are just a few years ahead of me…like this guy, and this one too. They help keep things in perspective for me and set realistic goals. They call me-I call them; and we share life! I do believee “you have not because you ask not” I just make sure my asking is realistic!


Check back tomorrow for #4

Lessons from the field Part 2

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Waypoint has just completed our 8th week and I thought I’d share a little on the lessons I’m learning:


2. Do make changes week to week!–I know sounds redundant, but there is always a few little changes from Sunday to Sunday that can go a long way. Here’s one example–one service of ours was a complete mess in flow. Musicians didn’t know what to play when, singers started a different song, offering was taken up in the middle of an invitation…you see our mess! Easy solution, we changed a small system and implemented cue sheets for everyone who does anything. They were set in stone on Thursdays and ran through! Or how about this, we realized we were spending $70/week on printing cost, change=found a cheaper place=saving $50/week. For the first few weeks I dreaded the time between Thursday and Sunday morning. My fears and frustrations rose as I would think through the service, volunteers, expected and unexpected guest, first impressions, etc. Building off of lesson #1 coupled with this principle has helped ease some of these fears. Each week, because we make some small (unseen) changes we are providing avenues for where we are headed. There are those weeks were big changes need to be made, but I’ve held back and planned for them. Instead, we take a short amount of time each week to evaluate what can be changed this week, and how–most importantly we do it!


Check back tomorrow!

Lessons from the field Part 1

Posted in Church Planting, Leadership, Religion, Waypoint Church on April 27, 2009 by themousas

Waypoint has just completed our 8th week and I thought I’d share a little on the lessons I’m learning:

  1. Don’t live week to week!–this will kill you and any momentum. As church planters we are horrible at this because we want the numbers, we want to see progress, we want to see impact, we want something new and current every week! While helping start Iron City Church, Tommy and I were met one night with a question from a much experienced pastor. What defines our success–is it a pat on the back, new guest, great communication, better music/band, new lights or media, returning guest? While goals can be met, the measure of success can’t be found week to week. We’re not a failure if this week isn’t as good as last week. I’ve heard this, but practicing is much harder. I can not live week to week it’s too frustrating. Though I am often tempted, I’ve had to get over this really quickly. Waypoint launched, and the next week was Daylight Savings–talk about a dip! Thankfully, I have some challengers in my life that have helped me live in the “where do I see things in 1 year” frame of mind. They are constantly asking me: What type of services do I want to have in 1 year, what do I want our community to know about us, how many active life changing process do you want taking place, what leaders, what ministries? Visioning is long term; as you’ll see leading towards a vision is a critical thread that runs through each of the lessons I’ve learned. Check back tomorrow!

Weekend After-Thoughts

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I’m going to preface this weekend’s thoughts with some Link Love. Here’s a snippet from Mark Batterson

“Let me share a kingdom equation: God Idea + Sweat Equity = Movement. Every Spirit-led movement has a genealogy that traces back to a single-celled God-idea. But nothing will happen unless you invest tremendous amounts of sweat equity. In fact, I think it was a Thomas Edison who said that success was 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration. Here’s the encouraging thing. If you know an idea is from God, you’re willing to work so much harder for it. ”

  • Waypoint’s core group is freaking awesome!!
  • They poured their hearts and lives into a movement that began for them almost 3 years ago
  • Many have endured difficult days, hurtful decisions, and departing friends
  • Yet they remained committed to God!
  • I love having the privlege of coming alongside them and watching God at work in their lives
  • I love watching them welcome in new guest and form friendships
  • I love watching them provide an atmosphere where people can Regroup, Refresh, and Realign
  • Today I talked about Hell: since it exists, we exist so people won’t have to go there!
  • I KNOW this is the heartbeat of Waypoint, because it’s the heartbeat of the core, the heartbeat of God!
  • The week can be describe as tough-good: tough conversations, decisions etc.
  • Good results, good people, good feelings about the future!
  • Friday was difficult as CB had too high of a fever to do much on Family Friday (plus she lost her only Great-Great Grandmother this week, funeral was Friday)
  • Friday night–road the bike, it’s a much needed start to an excerise plan
  • Saturday-celebrated CB’s birthday–saw lots of family
  • Sunday–CB’s fever came back–spent all afternoon with Daddy (we both needed this)
  • Missed having Amy B with me on Sunday, she makes things happen and for that–she gets the best Assistant Ever Award!
  • Mark B and his gang keeps surprising me with some crazy servant hearts as they keep up the property
  • Welcomed a lot of people to Waypoint today: easily outnumbered our core with regular attenders and returning guest.
  • Grilled out some chicken tonight for the family
  • Watching 8 Below to finish out the night!

What Scared You Today?

Posted in General Blogging, Leadership, Lilfe on April 21, 2009 by themousas

I like to think I’m a risk taker. I at least value taking risk; just ask my wife who has had to move 4 times in our 5 year marriage. Here is what Eleanor Roosevelt said about risk taking:

Do one thing every day that scares you.”

So what have you done today that scared you? What action did you take today whose results almost frightened you from doing it? What person did you interact with who yesterday you felt inferior to? What hard discussion did you have today? What did you give away knowing you might not ever see it again? Who did you invite into your life whose baggage makes you uncomfortable?

If you life is free of failures, you’re not taking enough risks. Embrace the things that scare you. Take a risk, your life will be more rewarding…

Go out on the limb– that’s where the fruit is“–Will Rogers

Weekend After-Thoughts

Posted in Church Planting, Leadership, Lilfe, Waypoint Church on April 20, 2009 by themousas

This post is dedicated to the leadership lessons learned this weekend and where I learned them

  • Sometimes you need a friend to pick the fleas out of your hair (Riverbanks Zoo, Family Friday)
  • To get the best experience you have to rise above the established bars (RZ)
  • Just because you don’t catch anything, doesn’t make it a wasted day (Lake Bowmen, fishing)
  • Observe the signs, especially when there are penalties for not obeying (LB)
  • Communication can never be under-communicated (Waypoint Church)
  • If you don’t ask, you don’t get desert (Cracker Barrel, Family Friday)
  • Don’t surround yourself with venomous things or people, it’s not comfortable (RZ)
  • Somethings God directs you to do is not for a crowd but for a few (WPC)
  • Size of hook determines size of catch (LB)
  • Tough decisions are part of life (WPC)
  • If you can’t take the stench stay away! (RZ, LB)
  • If you can’t execute, don’t lead (WPC)
  • Do surround yourself with people who care about you! (FF, LB)