Weekend After-Thoughts

  • Glad to be back from Pittsburgh
  • Really love doing what I do with Waypoint, wouldn’t want it any other way
  • Friday was a lot of fun teaching at a PNC group, thanks Bryn
  • Taught on Focusing on the Unknown–fear of it usually stops us in our tracks
  • Saturday, crashed with the family! Did some sermon prep
  • Today was one of my favorite days at Waypoint thus far
  • New people everywhere!!!! Loved it
  • Gwen on Up on the Mountain!!! Rocked it
  • Great energy from our core in welcoming everyone
  • Lots of returning guest as well!
  • Tried to get some fried pickles from MiMi’s today, wait was too long
  • settled for some BBQ chicken pizza @ Brixx Pizza
  • watched Rudy and Apollo 13 today
  • Great dinner and post dinner fun with friends
  • Greg & Randy on the porch….been waiting 3 weeks for it, just had to be there
  • excited about some of the new directions with Waypoint
  • EXCITED about Easter
  • there will be 2 services 9:30 & 11:30
  • Huge announcement about Easter coming next Sunday, better come to Waypoint to find out first
  • busy week ahead….going to bed to get rested for it.

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