Sunday After-Thoughts

  • ummm exhausted would sum up current state
  • great weekend all around, catch the highlights at Leslie’s Blog
  • tough weekend for some of our core
  • 4 weeks in and we’re really seeing Satan attack
  • our core knows how to rally around one-another…Love It!
  • music was off-the-hook this week, really helped emphasize the entire service
  • props to Bruce G for all his help in the cafe
  • props to Mark B for all his help Friday
  • Amy B is the best assistant ever!
  • she knows what to do so I don’t have to do it so I can focus on what God wants to do (if that makes sense)
  • laying seed and fertilizer Saturday, Preaching, hanging out with family, and driving 9 hrs Sunday is not the way to conserve energy.
  • God is doing something crazy at Waypoint and in our community!
  • 3rd week in a row of getting emails and notes of lives being challenged and changed
  • still no hater mail (must not be doing something right)
  • loving the journey
  • being away from family this week is going to be hard
  • hope to finish 2 books and get ahead on sermon prep (but maybe I’ll just re-energize)
  • Easter in 3 weeks! What!!!!
  • just again…Music rocked Sunday…thanks Drew, Chris and gang!
  • too tired to keep summing up, going to crash expect more later this week!

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