Sunday After-Thoughts

  • Weekend started Thursday with Unleash at Newspring in Anderson
  • Loved it!!! (FYI this post couldn’t hold my thoughts about it)
  • Loved having some of Waypoint’s peeps go with me
  • Loved having Leslie go with me
  • Loved seeing peeps from Iron City Church
  • Loved seeing Perry in almost 3D like video in the student building (you have to see this to believe it)
  • Loved the message Perry had for the church and it’s leaders (watch it here)
  • Spent Friday at lake Keowee with the family (bad weather, meant great times lounging around)
  • Saturday was fun….except for the hours I put in trying to recover data lost from my external HD
  • Still don’t have my iTunes library (about 30gigs worth) or any pictures (especially need Cadence’s early year pics) AHHHHHH
  • Watched Bourne Identity, have the other two of the Bourne Trilogy waiting for me at home tonight!
  • Service was…..well…you just had to be there.
  • Fun, sobering, and another week where God showed up and humbled me.
  • Systems, Systems, Systems—Got to get them working, and the right people in the right seats of this bus
  • Jim Collins “good is the enemy of great” (originally stated by Voltaire)
  • Need to get into community….people need Jesus!
  • Fun and lighthearted staff meeting tonight via TokBox
  • Saw Chasen bought these, deciding if I need them to or if it’s a little to much for my style
  • Still need to post on Doing vs. Being, maybe this week
  • Leslie started a blog, check it out!
  • am now on Twitter, follow me @jmousa



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