Sunday After-Thoughts

  • What a gorgeous weekend!!
  • Spent Friday with my girls at Chuck E Cheese
  • Spent Saturday with my baby girl just hanging out enjoying the day!
  • Sunday taught me….
  • It was a tough morning, tough worship, tough message all around, but
  • It’s not about me!!!
  • I’ve said that a lot over the years, Sunday added a new dimension: even when I don’t think I’ve communicated well enough, the Spirit is still at work! It’s about Him, not me!
  • Saw God move and release some people from their past…Go God!!
  • Received emails and comments about people moving forward in freedom…Go God!!!
  • God wants to use the normal and messed up people to make something right in the world! Even here in Simpsonville! Go God!!
  • Living a life of motion is one of biggest passions, and hardest things for me to be.
  • Our systems are a little slack even for week #2 (that’s hard to digest since I’m a systems guy)
  • It is so easy for people who have been in church to go through the motions of doing church (see last point)
  • My leadership decisions and practices are being pushed to their limits….very thankful for some great mentoring and coaching from these guys
  • Had an awesome evening with some great friends talking church….love it!
  • Excited about Unleash this week
  • Excited to be catching up with some peeps from here
  • Giving some respect to these guys
  • Steven Furtick for this post which challenges all of us to be brand managers
  • Then he followed it up with this which challenges me to not go through the motions with church
  • and their internet campus reaches the world, check it out here. God is a global God and it’s awesome we live in a world where this can happen, even more so that there are churches who desire for this to happen.
  • Make sure to check back mid week for a special post about Doing vs. Being

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