Post Launch Thoughts

  • Blizzard 09 has delayed these till Today (Tuesday) sorry
  • What a weekend!
  • Yes, I think it is very funny that I moved from Pittsburgh to launch a church and it decides to snow on our launch day.
  • Thankfully all we had was a ton of rain (update: until about 2:00 when the sleet came, then 5:00 when the bottom dropped and snow came)
  • Mark and Tyler Conforti get the best servant award for standing in the rain helping everyone get inside!
  • We try to take away all excuses to go to church and these two guys stepped up and took away a huge one today and I know the community saw it.
  • Even with the rain and cold…we had church!
  • Joe, Chris, Randall and the gang brought some worship
  • Waypoint Runs on Dunkin!
  • 250 Dunkin Munchins went fast!
  • The workers at the Woodruff road store are awesome and helped make today a success!
  • It was great seeing our core group get excited as everyone came out today
  • I love being in a partnership with Marathon! Right after services I got calls of encouragement and I know they bathed this weekend in prayer.
  • I crashed about 2 o’clock, unfortunately Cadence didn’t so really I didn’t get a nap
  • I love my bride and little princess for putting up with me these past few months!
  • I said and truly believe this community does not know the impact God has planned for them and their lives…
  • only if they stay in motion!
  • Monday was a great day to refresh
  • What to do when it snows in SC?
  • spend the next day on 4-wheelers with the family (cadences’ first time)
  • build snow men
  • and a fort for the snow ball war
  • Spend Sunday lunch and Monday night with my dad
  • Love the leadership and insights he brings to my life
  • No advertising, only personal invites and we more than doubled our core group #.
  • On a rainy cold morning, only personal invites brings people out, not your advertising.
  • I’m just as excited for next week!

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