Sunday After-Thoughts

  • Weekend was rough
  • It actually started on Thursday
  • Great and fun workday on Saturday
  • Still have lots to do, but the signs are up and grass cut
  • Was worried about Sunday, but it went off without to many hitches
  • Our core group is rocking the personal invites
  • Saw completly new guest this week, a lot younger and closer to our target audience
  • Overall had over 20 first timers
  • New message which felt good as it was delivered
  • Still getting my stage legs back
  • Switched out some cafe items in preperation for our new partnerships (more info coming soon)
  • Staff meeting via TokBox was fun, especially since I had to do it from my bedroom since Cadence was asleep in the office
  • Speaking of Cadence she rocked it out getting ready Sunday morning. I made it on time and she looked great.
  • I enjoyed being the only one in her life for the past few days, but we sure do miss mommy and definetly have a greater appreciation for her
  • Didn’t feel like watching the race…something about knowing I’d have to stay up late to see the end didn’t make me want to watch the begining
  • Grab a little nap, but made up for it by going to bed early
  • We launch this week! And I feel so far behind in my to-do’s
  • Praying I don’t get what Leslie had, and that I’m refreshed for Sunday
  • Can’t wait for Waypoint to become a waypoint for the people of Simpsonville who are interested in a spiritual journey

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