Sunday After-Thoughts

  • Wow, for a practice service..our music was spot on!
  • Adding the band made a huge addition!
  • The energy level from stage made it easier for me to bring the Word.
  • I had been signing Sing to the King since I heard them practice Thursday, I was anticipating the song all weekend and loved hearing it with our group.
  • We welcomed around 20 guest who graciously let us practice on them.
  • Had some killer fried pickles and a meatloaf sandwich courtesy of MiMi’s for lunch
  • Saw a runner get chased by a dog today, hilarious
  • Still need some tweaking in our First Impressions and Navigators area, but they are handling the increases well
  • Used ProPresenter for the first time today and our Media peeps made the transition look seamless.
  • Actually took a nap today! It usually happens during race season, I just can’t stay up and watch cars circle around for more than an hour.
  • I have this weird sense of knowing when the end is near because I always wake up to see the end, or in this case the rain delay.
  • Madea Goes to Jail comes out this week, I see a date night coming on!
  • Our first time guest gifts must have been a huge hit because half of our stack was gone and lots of people were looking over the books.
  • Big week ahead as I finish ordering all our supplies, go to swim practice with Cadence, soccer games, sermon prep, and some all staff meetings with Marathon.
  • I didn’t get any doughnuts!
  • Daisy got in the mud and had to get a bath today, good thing the weather was nice!
  • Found a house we like, praying and dreaming
  • Waypoint Church launches March 1st…I’m stoked!

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