This week has been very productive for me and the church planting endeavors. We finally got internet service which enabled us to get a phone #. That’s huge a lot of orders were waiting on that #. It’s funny I started the week with a massive to email, print, order, call, do–list and now it’s dwindling.

However, I’m seeing this week that productivity has it’s cost; not just financial. You have to eliminate some things in life in order to be productive. At times you have to eliminate the ways you’ve use to do things in order to get the job done. This week I’ve had:

  • to cut back on other to-do’s in order to prioritize what needed to be done.
  • to cut back on not doing some church things in order to balance my time with my family.
  • to spend more time being productive and not being investigative (aka wasting time on-line researching church stuff–remember I’m addicted to church)
  • to limit interaction/distractions that waste precious productive time
  • to learn that others can do the job just as good as me–delegate!

What’s keeping you from being productive? What area of your life is keeping God from doing the most with you–simply because you don’t have the time? With Ash Wednesday coming up, maybe we should start now thinking about what we can fast from in order to allow God to be more productive with us?


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