Sunday Reflections

  • Private Practice # 2 done!
  • Overall smoother than last week
  • Still some tweaking needed, especially with getting structured and ahead of schedule.
  • Curious to see how we handle guest and if the systems work
  • Still a lot to do to launch March 1st
  • Even though Saturday was physically draining, I woke up Sunday really refreshed.
  • We had several of the core out with sick children–it was unplanned, but a great way to practice on a shortened volunteer base.
  • Pelham Deli brought some crazy delicious wraps. Definitely will use them again to cater our events
  • Spent the afternoon at Simpsonville park
  • Cadence had her first ride in a swing!
  • She also learned how to climb stairs last night…she blows me away.
  • Daisy, my dog had a good afternoon running around the farmland, unfortunately she got into something that made her sick for the rest of the night.
  • Highlight of the week was a dinner invitation to hang out with some guys who are doing some amazing things on the business front
  • Just realized I missed the ProBowl….sad times for the next few months till football returns.
  • I was told that when I vent….it’s really lite!
  • Gotta work on that one and let people know how I feel and what changes need to be made.
  • Trying to figure out how to reach the cyclist in our community.
  • It may help if I bust out my own bike and actually ride it

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