Failing to Deliver

Let me vent about something. Last Saturday Leslie and I went to get some doughnuts from Dunkin Doughnuts. The store was open, lights were on so we pulled through the drive-thru and began to place an order when….the worker told us he was out of doughnuts, all types! Then last night I went to Zaxaby’s and began to place an order when the worker told me she was out of Zax Sauce and would ranch be okay?

No it’s not okay! Your signature items have run out! What kind of service is that. Managers/Owners should never let that happen, because now I won’t go back for a long time. Why should I when I can go across the street and get service and the product I came to the store expecting to get.

I think a lot of churches do the same thing–no delivery of product. I especially see this a lot with the current marketing trends churches employ; yet when I attend, watch, or hear their services, what their “selling” doesn’t match the product. Or worse, the product is not even there! Pastors we must be aware of every area of our church, making sure the vision we are casting is being delivered to our guest. If not people walk away with a bad impression. 

We need to wake up Christians and Churches and let’s not bruise the fruit God is harvesting by failing to deliver lives and places where the product doesn’t match the message.


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