Walk-Thru Sunday Reflections

Today was our 1st time meeting on a Sunday morning. Here are some of my thoughts post service.

  • Wow I’m drained….see previous post
  • Dunkin Doughnuts did not have any doughnuts last night–weird or God just showing us the true path to deliciousness would be Krispy Kreme…hmmm
  • Our core team worked well with each other today. I’m really pleased with our outcome.
  • Glad that I have 3 more weeks to get my stage/communication legs under me.
  • Had our first guests today–matched our target audience which was cool–we weren’t even having a public service!
  • Better thing was they came without any marketing–Personal invites work! Invest & Invite at it’s best
  • We still need a lot of little details worked out prior to March 1st, as expected.
  • I really want a nice road sign
  • Our core team is seeing the bigger picture and commenting on it a lot. I love that their getting it!
  • I’m loving Tenth Avenue North “By Your Side”
  • Wondering about the spiritual connections in Kevin Rudolf’s “Let it Rock”–especially the dichotomy between his and Lil Wayne’s portion
  • It’s a PJ afternoon: crashing at home today with the family to watch the Steelers go after # 6
  • Cadence’s Terrible Towel will be flying tonight

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