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Sunday After-Thoughts

Posted in Church Planting, General Blogging, Waypoint Church on February 24, 2009 by themousas
  • Weekend was rough
  • It actually started on Thursday
  • Great and fun workday on Saturday
  • Still have lots to do, but the signs are up and grass cut
  • Was worried about Sunday, but it went off without to many hitches
  • Our core group is rocking the personal invites
  • Saw completly new guest this week, a lot younger and closer to our target audience
  • Overall had over 20 first timers
  • New message which felt good as it was delivered
  • Still getting my stage legs back
  • Switched out some cafe items in preperation for our new partnerships (more info coming soon)
  • Staff meeting via TokBox was fun, especially since I had to do it from my bedroom since Cadence was asleep in the office
  • Speaking of Cadence she rocked it out getting ready Sunday morning. I made it on time and she looked great.
  • I enjoyed being the only one in her life for the past few days, but we sure do miss mommy and definetly have a greater appreciation for her
  • Didn’t feel like watching the race…something about knowing I’d have to stay up late to see the end didn’t make me want to watch the begining
  • Grab a little nap, but made up for it by going to bed early
  • We launch this week! And I feel so far behind in my to-do’s
  • Praying I don’t get what Leslie had, and that I’m refreshed for Sunday
  • Can’t wait for Waypoint to become a waypoint for the people of Simpsonville who are interested in a spiritual journey

Sunday After-Thoughts

Posted in Church Planting, Religion, Waypoint Church on February 16, 2009 by themousas
  • Wow, for a practice service..our music was spot on!
  • Adding the band made a huge addition!
  • The energy level from stage made it easier for me to bring the Word.
  • I had been signing Sing to the King since I heard them practice Thursday, I was anticipating the song all weekend and loved hearing it with our group.
  • We welcomed around 20 guest who graciously let us practice on them.
  • Had some killer fried pickles and a meatloaf sandwich courtesy of MiMi’s for lunch
  • Saw a runner get chased by a dog today, hilarious
  • Still need some tweaking in our First Impressions and Navigators area, but they are handling the increases well
  • Used ProPresenter for the first time today and our Media peeps made the transition look seamless.
  • Actually took a nap today! It usually happens during race season, I just can’t stay up and watch cars circle around for more than an hour.
  • I have this weird sense of knowing when the end is near because I always wake up to see the end, or in this case the rain delay.
  • Madea Goes to Jail comes out this week, I see a date night coming on!
  • Our first time guest gifts must have been a huge hit because half of our stack was gone and lots of people were looking over the books.
  • Big week ahead as I finish ordering all our supplies, go to swim practice with Cadence, soccer games, sermon prep, and some all staff meetings with Marathon.
  • I didn’t get any doughnuts!
  • Daisy got in the mud and had to get a bath today, good thing the weather was nice!
  • Found a house we like, praying and dreaming
  • Waypoint Church launches March 1st…I’m stoked!


Posted in Church Planting, Religion, Thoughts on Christianity on February 12, 2009 by themousas

This week has been very productive for me and the church planting endeavors. We finally got internet service which enabled us to get a phone #. That’s huge a lot of orders were waiting on that #. It’s funny I started the week with a massive to email, print, order, call, do–list and now it’s dwindling.

However, I’m seeing this week that productivity has it’s cost; not just financial. You have to eliminate some things in life in order to be productive. At times you have to eliminate the ways you’ve use to do things in order to get the job done. This week I’ve had:

  • to cut back on other to-do’s in order to prioritize what needed to be done.
  • to cut back on not doing some church things in order to balance my time with my family.
  • to spend more time being productive and not being investigative (aka wasting time on-line researching church stuff–remember I’m addicted to church)
  • to limit interaction/distractions that waste precious productive time
  • to learn that others can do the job just as good as me–delegate!

What’s keeping you from being productive? What area of your life is keeping God from doing the most with you–simply because you don’t have the time? With Ash Wednesday coming up, maybe we should start now thinking about what we can fast from in order to allow God to be more productive with us?

Sunday Reflections

Posted in Church Planting, General Blogging, Religion, Waypoint Church on February 9, 2009 by themousas
  • Private Practice # 2 done!
  • Overall smoother than last week
  • Still some tweaking needed, especially with getting structured and ahead of schedule.
  • Curious to see how we handle guest and if the systems work
  • Still a lot to do to launch March 1st
  • Even though Saturday was physically draining, I woke up Sunday really refreshed.
  • We had several of the core out with sick children–it was unplanned, but a great way to practice on a shortened volunteer base.
  • Pelham Deli brought some crazy delicious wraps. Definitely will use them again to cater our events
  • Spent the afternoon at Simpsonville park
  • Cadence had her first ride in a swing!
  • She also learned how to climb stairs last night…she blows me away.
  • Daisy, my dog had a good afternoon running around the farmland, unfortunately she got into something that made her sick for the rest of the night.
  • Highlight of the week was a dinner invitation to hang out with some guys who are doing some amazing things on the business front
  • Just realized I missed the ProBowl….sad times for the next few months till football returns.
  • I was told that when I vent….it’s really lite!
  • Gotta work on that one and let people know how I feel and what changes need to be made.
  • Trying to figure out how to reach the cyclist in our community.
  • It may help if I bust out my own bike and actually ride it

Failing to Deliver

Posted in Church Planting, General Blogging, Religion, Thoughts on Christianity on February 6, 2009 by themousas

Let me vent about something. Last Saturday Leslie and I went to get some doughnuts from Dunkin Doughnuts. The store was open, lights were on so we pulled through the drive-thru and began to place an order when….the worker told us he was out of doughnuts, all types! Then last night I went to Zaxaby’s and began to place an order when the worker told me she was out of Zax Sauce and would ranch be okay?

No it’s not okay! Your signature items have run out! What kind of service is that. Managers/Owners should never let that happen, because now I won’t go back for a long time. Why should I when I can go across the street and get service and the product I came to the store expecting to get.

I think a lot of churches do the same thing–no delivery of product. I especially see this a lot with the current marketing trends churches employ; yet when I attend, watch, or hear their services, what their “selling” doesn’t match the product. Or worse, the product is not even there! Pastors we must be aware of every area of our church, making sure the vision we are casting is being delivered to our guest. If not people walk away with a bad impression. 

We need to wake up Christians and Churches and let’s not bruise the fruit God is harvesting by failing to deliver lives and places where the product doesn’t match the message.

Walk-Thru Sunday Reflections

Posted in Church Planting, Waypoint Church on February 1, 2009 by themousas

Today was our 1st time meeting on a Sunday morning. Here are some of my thoughts post service.

  • Wow I’m drained….see previous post
  • Dunkin Doughnuts did not have any doughnuts last night–weird or God just showing us the true path to deliciousness would be Krispy Kreme…hmmm
  • Our core team worked well with each other today. I’m really pleased with our outcome.
  • Glad that I have 3 more weeks to get my stage/communication legs under me.
  • Had our first guests today–matched our target audience which was cool–we weren’t even having a public service!
  • Better thing was they came without any marketing–Personal invites work! Invest & Invite at it’s best
  • We still need a lot of little details worked out prior to March 1st, as expected.
  • I really want a nice road sign
  • Our core team is seeing the bigger picture and commenting on it a lot. I love that their getting it!
  • I’m loving Tenth Avenue North “By Your Side”
  • Wondering about the spiritual connections in Kevin Rudolf’s “Let it Rock”–especially the dichotomy between his and Lil Wayne’s portion
  • It’s a PJ afternoon: crashing at home today with the family to watch the Steelers go after # 6
  • Cadence’s Terrible Towel will be flying tonight