Right Tools

Have you ever started a project and realized you didn’t have the right tools to complete it? Today was one of those days. I exchanged a washer and dryer for my in-laws and quickly realized that the dryer plugs did not match. In order to make it work I would need to remove the old dryer’s plug and place it on the new dryer…..without my toolbox. I manged to find a vice grip and very small flat head screwdriver. Halfway through I was frustrated!

Here’s how you respond to these situations:

  1. continue to work because finishing is more important than how you got there
  2. stop and get the tools you need
  3. stop and let someone else do it

I chose to continue and finish…sometimes not having the right tools should make you stop…sometimes it just makes the journey harder. Interesting how life seems to be that way too.


2 Responses to “Right Tools”

  1. jumponthetrampoline Says:

    can i assume there was lots of grunting and grrrr’ing? if not then you didn’t do it right.

    like the new look, btw.


  2. I’m obsessive-compulsive in these situations…I almost always go looking for the right tools, even if it means extending the project several hours, days, etc. 🙂 I agree with Rando on the new look. Hope you guys are doing well.

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