Times they are a…..

So you were probably able to finish the title yourself, right. I told someone this past weekend that I should own some stock in Penske, from the looks of it I could afford it. I dropped my wife off at her dad’s this past Sunday and drove back to Pittsburgh to pack up our stuff (sidebar-forgot to check the weather forecast and drove through heavy snow most of the way). I was asked Sunday night what I felt about change especially when you look at this:

  • moved 8 times before finishing high school
  • family moved 4 more times while in college (two I didn’t know about till I got there)
  • and this is the fourth in the five years Leslie and I’ve been married

My response highlighted a question I’ve been asking everyone who gets an email from me for the past 8 years–“can stability emerge from an ever changing system?”

No one has ever given a great response..so I’ll give you a try comment away.


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