Why Church & A New Reformation?

Loving the responses everyone’s given so far to why they attend a religious gathering. The basis for the question has been my own meanderings concerning the religious culture insiders see verse outsiders observe (I know a little confusing) I’m still working through some thoughts but will commit something to print type soon. In the meantime here’s some homework for you…

  • You should be following this–The r(e)formation Blog: Something is happening in Berlin and Wittenberg, Germany at the end of October 2008. Could this be the second reformation? The world’s leading Christian thinkers will be gathering to address the unsettled account of the first reformation.
  • Here are my other post about to bring you up to speed on my “church meanderings”
  • First this video, and this question
  • And drop by this guy’s site and leave a comment to his similar question about the church. I’ll be referencing back to it in my thoughts
 And why not answer this poll question (it’s a new feature I’m trying)

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