Blog Blah

not sure…but thinking i’m in a funk. haven’t felt like blogging but still have tons of thoughts. here’s a random quick hitlist of the past few weeks

  • thinking about twittering now that I have a texting plan.
  • new plan also meant new phone…samsung alias (only $49, not bad…waiting for the blackberry storm to come out)
  • Traveled a lot last month
  • Will be traveling a lot more over the next few months
  • I love to travel…only wish Leslie would fly with me.
  • Leslie had a respiratory virus and I had to miss work to take care of my girls
  • Cadence got a cold, still has one
  • got to go to ICC, first time in several weeks
  • had to wear a sweater today, first time this fall
  • cut my leg up pretty good at the nursery moving some maples around
  • clemson lost….really lost….something needs to change
  • working for a financial brokerage firm during this economic craziness has taught me a heck of a lot
  • Only wish i had some capital to invest….instead i’m going to keep working on paying down debt.
  • I want a yard so Daisy can play in it….she absolutely loves the dog park
  • for that matter I want a house too
  • missing some friends

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