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Why Church & A New Reformation?

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Loving the responses everyone’s given so far to why they attend a religious gathering. The basis for the question has been my own meanderings concerning the religious culture insiders see verse outsiders observe (I know a little confusing) I’m still working through some thoughts but will commit something to print type soon. In the meantime here’s some homework for you…

  • You should be following this–The r(e)formation Blog: Something is happening in Berlin and Wittenberg, Germany at the end of October 2008. Could this be the second reformation? The world’s leading Christian thinkers will be gathering to address the unsettled account of the first reformation.
  • Here are my other post about to bring you up to speed on my “church meanderings”
  • First this video, and this question
  • And drop by this guy’s site and leave a comment to his similar question about the church. I’ll be referencing back to it in my thoughts
 And why not answer this poll question (it’s a new feature I’m trying)

Religion: Please Comment

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I’ve never asked for this just out right, but I really want you to use the comment function and tell me:

Why do you/don’t you go to a religious gathering (church)?

Leave your name or don’t…your choice. I’m more interested in the comments.

Eb & Flow

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Working 9-5 for Ameriprise Financial has me watching a lot of this…

I talk with individuals every day who have concerns about the economy and their investments. Today however, I checked into what I would call the future economy of the church…Catalyst Conference.  Though I’m not there in person this year, I’m devouring all I can from blogs and Catalyst backstage. It was a much needed break; however, I do wish my days were spent talking with others about the Kingdom rather than finances…patience is not always easy for me. Check out the links and get your fill!

Blog Blah

Posted in General Blogging with tags on October 2, 2008 by themousas

not sure…but thinking i’m in a funk. haven’t felt like blogging but still have tons of thoughts. here’s a random quick hitlist of the past few weeks

  • thinking about twittering now that I have a texting plan.
  • new plan also meant new phone…samsung alias (only $49, not bad…waiting for the blackberry storm to come out)
  • Traveled a lot last month
  • Will be traveling a lot more over the next few months
  • I love to travel…only wish Leslie would fly with me.
  • Leslie had a respiratory virus and I had to miss work to take care of my girls
  • Cadence got a cold, still has one
  • got to go to ICC, first time in several weeks
  • had to wear a sweater today, first time this fall
  • cut my leg up pretty good at the nursery moving some maples around
  • clemson lost….really lost….something needs to change
  • working for a financial brokerage firm during this economic craziness has taught me a heck of a lot
  • Only wish i had some capital to invest….instead i’m going to keep working on paying down debt.
  • I want a yard so Daisy can play in it….she absolutely loves the dog park
  • for that matter I want a house too
  • missing some friends