Why it’s hard for me to blog

I have a problem. I think to much! Ask…most of the people around me will tell you the same. Here’s where it hinders my blogging. I have so many thoughts on various things, but won’t post anything because I haven’t thought all the way through them….so they sit on a table and lose relevance while I process. Here are some thoughts sitting in draft status

  • my biography: it’s already being written
  • Her father’s eyes
  • is transfer growth in churches really that bad of a thing?
  • Outreach semantics: we stay to far away
  • JR Lee quote: “Incredible journeys begin with irreversible steps”
  • Book Review: I Became a Christian and all I got was a lousy T-Shirt
  • The dream cycle
  • Solving problems vs creativity
  • Rythms, Pendulums, Cycles, Music and Fire

drop a comment if you’d like any of these to be fleshed out sooner!


5 Responses to “Why it’s hard for me to blog”

  1. Since ecclesiology is a favorite of mine, I vote for “Is transfer growth in churches really that bad of a thing?” I’m interested to hear your thoughts on that as a pastor-theologian.

    Hope you are well.


  2. I’m a little biased – but go after the quote. Then I can read it and use it for a message!

  3. Solving problems vs creativity

  4. Thanks, gusy…but I’ll need some more comments to help out, right now we’ve only reduced the thinking process down to 3 topics…still to many to process.

  5. jumponthetrampoline Says:

    some practical advice from one perfectionist blogger to another… start typing, then if you need more time to think, use the save button.

    worked for me just the other day.

    haha. take care bro. whistle in the sc breeze for me whenever you return to reunite with your girls.

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