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Not sure if anyone else out my blog world is watching Sons of Anarchy on FX, but I’m hooked. I loved the first few seasons of the Shield, and SOA seems to be headed down a similar trek. There are a lot of themes being woven together so early. Similar struggles within the characters to be bad, do bad, but want good…if that makes sense. If you haven’t checked it out, your missing probably the best new show for the fall. Wednesdays at 10 & 11 on FX


Must See!! for any teacher, youth pastor, parent

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This powerful little guy was the keynote speaker at Dallas ISD’s back to school convocation. Make no mistake – this is no ordinary 5th grader. His message, his delivery, his passion, his enthusiasm cannot be described in words. So incredibly powerful! I think we all need to take to heart his message especially as we try to impact the future generations.

Why it’s hard for me to blog

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I have a problem. I think to much! Ask…most of the people around me will tell you the same. Here’s where it hinders my blogging. I have so many thoughts on various things, but won’t post anything because I haven’t thought all the way through them….so they sit on a table and lose relevance while I process. Here are some thoughts sitting in draft status

  • my biography: it’s already being written
  • Her father’s eyes
  • is transfer growth in churches really that bad of a thing?
  • Outreach semantics: we stay to far away
  • JR Lee quote: “Incredible journeys begin with irreversible steps”
  • Book Review: I Became a Christian and all I got was a lousy T-Shirt
  • The dream cycle
  • Solving problems vs creativity
  • Rythms, Pendulums, Cycles, Music and Fire

drop a comment if you’d like any of these to be fleshed out sooner!