Katrina & Gustav

Let me start by saying Leslie and I were not directly impacted by Katrina, we moved the weekend before. However, 3 years ago this coming weekend a lot of our closest friends had their lives completed turned on end. I remember the phone calls, emails, myspace updates coming in as we stayed glued to our TV. I remember praying desperately as we waited to hear from Ike and Courtney and the NOBTS remnant. We have friends now scattered across the US, the Katrina diaspora. More importantly we currently have friends in NOLA who are scared, who have already lost everything once, have risked going back, faced opposition from family and friends all to make a city shine with the light of Christ. Thank you for taking up the banner not for your own sake, but for His glory. To you I offer my prayers as you relive this weekend of remembrance of Katrina and possibly brace for Gustav. For all who read my blog, please join with me over this weekend in praying.


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