Calling Card Update

I came across Calling Cards in the summer of 2003 as a means to help discover a full, natural potential in life.  It helps find out what type of work would you most enjoy. It’s not spiritual giftedness, values, or even passions; although, combined with those studies it provides a great framework for decision making. Basically it helps one determine what’s needed in the everyday to help them enjoy life to the fullest.

In 2003 my top calling card was: instructing people (supported by processing things, empowering others, bringing out potential, and building relationships).

In 2005 my top calling card was: analyzing information (supported by instructing people, building relationships, and bringing out potential)

In March of 2008 my top card was: bringing out potential (no supports this time)

This week my top card was again: bringing out potential (supported by empowering others, advancing ideas, instructing people, and building things)

What does all this mean? At the end of each day I will feel as though I accomplished something if I have brought out potential in someone or something. While my identity in life is not found in my title, job description, company name, praise from others–but from Christ; my fulfillment in each day comes from seeing others/concepts/organizations move along their journey. I must seek opportunities to do these things so that at the end of each day I feel fulfilled.

On a side note I think it’s great that God has continued to refine my calling card. Each time I go through this exercise He revels more of myself, who He created me to be, and how He wants to use me.  God chose this specific generation for me to live in, i’m uniquely created for His purpose in this moment.


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