Love, Life, Legacy

I had the greatest opportunity any college student could have to be a part of Kingdom Building Ministries’ Laborer’s Institute as a student in 2001 and on staff in 2003. The tools I learned there have helped tremendously in my spiritual walk. Here’s a glimpse of some of the Nomads from 2001 and where there at now.

  • Dustin: church planter, Midtown Fellowship, Columbia, SC
  • Jennie O: relief worker in Karamoja, Uganda
  • Kat: serving the better work of a “student” in China
  • Del: sports ministry in France
  • Andy: church planter, South Bay Church, San Fran, CA (his 2nd church plant)
  • BP: changing the future by coaching champions in Winnsboro, SC; he married Margaret.
  • Led by this man and his wife: serving through a hospital and leading a simple church in TX
  • If anyone knows what’s going on with Sarah, Fuzzy, Mel, and Esther let me know and I’ll update this

Obviously you can see that KBM has left a legacy of their own streatching across the globe.


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