Comcast and the Church

Okay, I waited a long time…actually over 4 years before Leslie and I got cable in our house. With the arrival of Cadence and more time at home we added Comcast’s Internet and cable bundle. I was hooked by the double play, even though the triple play was available (I didn’t want the phone). Now Comcast is offering a Wii with their triple play. WHAT!!!

Today the comcast guy came to service our box because the single was crazy on any OnDemand shows we got. We got into a discussion of how companies do anything to get a customer but don’t always reward the current customers….actually usually punish them through rate increases to cover the cost of promotions to new customers.

This made me think of church and all “junk” we give to first time guest, the amount of calls, cards, emails we send out the first few weeks after they come. All in hopes of connecting the customer to the service. I would like to know how many churches do the same thing after the 5th visit or 10thor after being there one year…or are we more consumed with getting the customer hooked at the beginning and hoping they stay committed to us on their own. I’d really like a Wii from Comcast, but I’m already a customer:-(


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