All things except…

What can I say: weather today was absolutely beautiful, work was easy and stress free, I caught up on some reading, spent some time with the family; everything that should make for a great day, BUT the day doesn’t seemed to have been fulfilling. I hit a funk and couldn’t shake it. I’m a huge believer in a process known as Calling Cards. It helps you find what brings you the most joy, and then you try to center your life around it. Today was a day that I didn’t fulfill my calling card thus no joy! It’s hard to digest especially knowing that the day is gone. I’m finding more and more days are falling into this pattern…so we need to re-evaluate. Over the next week I invite you into this process within my life. We’ll start by going back to the Calling Cards.


One Response to “All things except…”

  1. I’m interested in the process and eager to find out what my own is…. Can’t wait to read on.

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