Good Reads

Here’s some reading I’ve done this week, and hope you all check them out as well…

  • Laughed a lot about this from Gary Lamb
  • Great leadership insight as well in this from Gary
  • “The opportunity of a lifetime must be seized in the lifetime of the opportunity.”–Leonard Ravenhill Steven Furtick expounded on it here.
  • This (Encore series, title Identity) message from Steven rocked my thoughts and brought me back to a basic tenet of Christianity. It’s a must watch!
  • A church-plan-o-gram??? We all have them, Ben Arment challenged us to break them here
  • This Passage
  • This Passage
  • And this one as well
  • And trying to finish this book, should be by tomorrow. Thanks Joe!

One Response to “Good Reads”

  1. jumponthetrampoline Says:

    hey, you know i love reading your blog. for the insights God gives you, and just to see how you’re doing.

    check out my new blog on wordpress,


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