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Katrina & Gustav

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Let me start by saying Leslie and I were not directly impacted by Katrina, we moved the weekend before. However, 3 years ago this coming weekend a lot of our closest friends had their lives completed turned on end. I remember the phone calls, emails, myspace updates coming in as we stayed glued to our TV. I remember praying desperately as we waited to hear from Ike and Courtney and the NOBTS remnant. We have friends now scattered across the US, the Katrina diaspora. More importantly we currently have friends in NOLA who are scared, who have already lost everything once, have risked going back, faced opposition from family and friends all to make a city shine with the light of Christ. Thank you for taking up the banner not for your own sake, but for His glory. To you I offer my prayers as you relive this weekend of remembrance of Katrina and possibly brace for Gustav. For all who read my blog, please join with me over this weekend in praying.


Calling Card Update

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I came across Calling Cards in the summer of 2003 as a means to help discover a full, natural potential in life.  It helps find out what type of work would you most enjoy. It’s not spiritual giftedness, values, or even passions; although, combined with those studies it provides a great framework for decision making. Basically it helps one determine what’s needed in the everyday to help them enjoy life to the fullest.

In 2003 my top calling card was: instructing people (supported by processing things, empowering others, bringing out potential, and building relationships).

In 2005 my top calling card was: analyzing information (supported by instructing people, building relationships, and bringing out potential)

In March of 2008 my top card was: bringing out potential (no supports this time)

This week my top card was again: bringing out potential (supported by empowering others, advancing ideas, instructing people, and building things)

What does all this mean? At the end of each day I will feel as though I accomplished something if I have brought out potential in someone or something. While my identity in life is not found in my title, job description, company name, praise from others–but from Christ; my fulfillment in each day comes from seeing others/concepts/organizations move along their journey. I must seek opportunities to do these things so that at the end of each day I feel fulfilled.

On a side note I think it’s great that God has continued to refine my calling card. Each time I go through this exercise He revels more of myself, who He created me to be, and how He wants to use me.  God chose this specific generation for me to live in, i’m uniquely created for His purpose in this moment.

What is Church?

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Interestingly came across two post today that tie into this.

First I watched this thanks to Jim Akin

Than read this thanks to the guys (the comments are the where you should read)

So I ask myself, and you, what is church? I’ve been wrestling with this idea now for over two months, and don’t have any insightful wisdom to pass on…but welcome  your thoughts

Comcast and the Church

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Okay, I waited a long time…actually over 4 years before Leslie and I got cable in our house. With the arrival of Cadence and more time at home we added Comcast’s Internet and cable bundle. I was hooked by the double play, even though the triple play was available (I didn’t want the phone). Now Comcast is offering a Wii with their triple play. WHAT!!!

Today the comcast guy came to service our box because the single was crazy on any OnDemand shows we got. We got into a discussion of how companies do anything to get a customer but don’t always reward the current customers….actually usually punish them through rate increases to cover the cost of promotions to new customers.

This made me think of church and all “junk” we give to first time guest, the amount of calls, cards, emails we send out the first few weeks after they come. All in hopes of connecting the customer to the service. I would like to know how many churches do the same thing after the 5th visit or 10thor after being there one year…or are we more consumed with getting the customer hooked at the beginning and hoping they stay committed to us on their own. I’d really like a Wii from Comcast, but I’m already a customer:-(

Love, Life, Legacy

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I had the greatest opportunity any college student could have to be a part of Kingdom Building Ministries’ Laborer’s Institute as a student in 2001 and on staff in 2003. The tools I learned there have helped tremendously in my spiritual walk. Here’s a glimpse of some of the Nomads from 2001 and where there at now.

  • Dustin: church planter, Midtown Fellowship, Columbia, SC
  • Jennie O: relief worker in Karamoja, Uganda
  • Kat: serving the better work of a “student” in China
  • Del: sports ministry in France
  • Andy: church planter, South Bay Church, San Fran, CA (his 2nd church plant)
  • BP: changing the future by coaching champions in Winnsboro, SC; he married Margaret.
  • Led by this man and his wife: serving through a hospital and leading a simple church in TX
  • If anyone knows what’s going on with Sarah, Fuzzy, Mel, and Esther let me know and I’ll update this

Obviously you can see that KBM has left a legacy of their own streatching across the globe.

All things except…

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What can I say: weather today was absolutely beautiful, work was easy and stress free, I caught up on some reading, spent some time with the family; everything that should make for a great day, BUT the day doesn’t seemed to have been fulfilling. I hit a funk and couldn’t shake it. I’m a huge believer in a process known as Calling Cards. It helps you find what brings you the most joy, and then you try to center your life around it. Today was a day that I didn’t fulfill my calling card thus no joy! It’s hard to digest especially knowing that the day is gone. I’m finding more and more days are falling into this pattern…so we need to re-evaluate. Over the next week I invite you into this process within my life. We’ll start by going back to the Calling Cards.

Good Reads

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Here’s some reading I’ve done this week, and hope you all check them out as well…

  • Laughed a lot about this from Gary Lamb
  • Great leadership insight as well in this from Gary
  • “The opportunity of a lifetime must be seized in the lifetime of the opportunity.”–Leonard Ravenhill Steven Furtick expounded on it here.
  • This (Encore series, title Identity) message from Steven rocked my thoughts and brought me back to a basic tenet of Christianity. It’s a must watch!
  • A church-plan-o-gram??? We all have them, Ben Arment challenged us to break them here
  • This Passage
  • This Passage
  • And this one as well
  • And trying to finish this book, should be by tomorrow. Thanks Joe!